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Date: 13 Aug 2008

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    John pointed out:

    "Which mis-attribution is odd really considering that Crumley used to play poker with Algren at Iowa."

    Was that before or after The Wrong Case was published? Also, could the shift have been purposeful? Quoting Lew Archer at the beginning certainly set readers up for Crumley's very Ross Macdonaldesque narrative.

    By the way, John, I recently read your Faithless and enjoyed it immensely. Although I circulated on the periphery of the US punk and postpunk circles, unlike the book's London setting, the great little bits about the scene and record collecting still resonated, gave me a lot of laughs. I also liked how you threaded the few crime elements through the book, as the ramifications of the halfassed blackmail plot near the beginning would occasionally reappear, or be inflated in the memory of the narrator. So Ross was based on Green Garthside, right?
    (I was really proud of picking that up with the mention of a song titled GrammeATology.)


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