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Date: 13 Aug 2008

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    Spenser has a dog and an all-but-adopted son who is a ballet dancer.

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    > > Welcome, Michael. That sounds interesting. I understand that you're
    > > using father figure metaphorically, but it made me think. Are there any
    > > hardboiled detectives who are actual fathers? I can think of very few:
    > > Travis McGee found out he had a kid in one o his later books; Lew
    > > Griffin had a son, but little to no direct contact with him; Moe Praeger
    > > has a daughter; Richard Barre's PI (blanking on the name) lost a child.
    > > There are probably a few others, but it's rare. Certainly can't think
    > > of any "Detective & Sons" PI agency. And for all the lost children Lew
    > > Archer searched for, none was his.
    > If you accept uncles, there is Fredric Brown... I don't know why these
    > PIs don't have children. Maybe the writers, whose readership was
    > almost entirely male, did not want to remind their readers of such
    > unpleasant business as being a father. Talk about escapism.
    > Best
    > mrt

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