Re: RARA-AVIS: Great Article on Goodis

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Date: 13 Aug 2008

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    > Yeah, it's widespread all right. But yet in 1991 in Philadelphia
    > ('Goodis Triumphant'), we're told that Goodis 'didn't drink' and
    'died of a
    > heart attack.' Curious how that information came to change so long
    > his death.

    People drank like fish in the old days... he needn't even have been a particularly heavy drinker by the standards of that era in order to get cyrrhosis. I read somewhere that the per capita amount of liquor consumed by Americans up until the sixties was more than twice what is is today... and people drink a lot today. There was apparently no consciousness that alcohol seriously fucks you up, that it actually kills your brain cells. I know, I know, The Lost Weekend, but that was not taken to be a typical story. The guy was an intellectual! He probably got fucked up because he read too many books.



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