From: harry.lerner@mail.mcgill.ca
Date: 10 Aug 2008

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    Hello All,

    Some time ago I posted a question about noir plots set in the world of pulps and publishing, and in my quest to find good examples I came across Stephen Greenleaf's BOOK CASE. I only recently started reading it and the first thing that struck me right away is his frequent use of what could be described as fairly esoteric terminology in his narration. I also noticed that this 'affectation' is largely restricted to the narration and mostly absent from the dialog itself.

    BOOK CASE is my first foray into Greenleaf's work, so is the use of fancy words a stylistic choice specific to BOOK CASE, given it's literary setting, or is this fairly typical of Greenleaf's work? If the former is true, then does Greenleaf make a habit of adopting specifc stylistic traits as a function of setting or plot?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best, Harry

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