RARA-AVIS: Angel Heart/Falling Angel

From: Nathan Cain (IndieCrime@gmail.com)
Date: 07 Aug 2008

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    I recently read William Hjortsberg's Falling Angel, and last night I watched Angel Heart. The book was excellent, and the movie was okay, but there was a big chunk missing, specifically the part about the black mass, which parallels the earlier voodoo ceremony scene in the novel and provides much needed bridge to the story's final revelation. In the movie as it is, Angel makes a massive leap of logic with no basis to accuse Krusemark (who only appears in one scene) of devil worship. Krusemark, when confronted with this rather ludicrous accusation backed up by exactly nothing in the way of evidence, confesses to being a devil worshipper. It makes no sense.

    I notice the IMDB page notes that the television version of the film added some extra scenes that help explain some of the plots vagaries to make up for the extended sex scene that had to be cut. Has anyone seen this version or another version that makes sense?

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