From: jimdohertyjr (jimdohertyjr@yahoo.com)
Date: 27 Jul 2008

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    Re your comments below:
    > It is probable only in the realm of science fiction like IRON MAN.
    As for comparing Batman to Brian Garfield's Vigilante, Garfield's character is infinitely more probable than Batman.

    Batman is not science fiction (not counting cross-over stories where he teams up with Superman or other members of the DC Comics masked community), because, unlike Iron Man, he uses nothing that is outside the realm of technology possible today.

    Yes, Garfield's Vigilante is more probable, but it's precisely because he's a) not costumed, and b) doesn't shrink from using deadly force.

    If there were a character like Batman in rea life, it's far more likely that he wouldn't dress up like a giant bat (or in any other sort of costume, for that matter) and if he was so revenge-driven that he mounts a personal campaign, outside of the law, he'd be unlikely to shrink from killing.

    In other words, he'd be a lot like Paul Kersey.


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