RARA-AVIS: Green River Rising

From: Nathan Cain (IndieCrime@gmail.com)
Date: 26 Jul 2008

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    Okay, I picked up a copy of this prison novel by Tim Willocks today, and I've read the first hundred pages. I remember there was quite a bit of publicity (which is to say hype) for this when it came out in the mid 90's. My question is, does the book get any better? I'm not gonna finish it if it doesn't. I'm unimpressed, which might explain why the used bookstore in question had five copies on the shelf and why I haven't heard anything about Willocks since this book came out. I googled him and found out he's still being published, but he's switched to historical fiction. Has anyone read any of his later novels? Are they less hackneyed than GRR?

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