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Date: 26 Jul 2008

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    There are lots of SF Noir stories, including the very recent novels of Richard K. Morgan for example. But, even Donald Westlake wrote some SF back in the day - one short novel was called Anarchaos (anarchy - chaos) which was set on a planet with no laws.



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                Bien sur!...from literary sci-fi to films, from parts of the cyberpunks

    (Gibson & all) to Philip K Dick to Blade Runner, to many graphic

    novels...etc. ..there must be more info on this on the net, as I don¹t follow

    sci-fi enough to be knowledgable, but I would take the website of the

    Festival d¹Angoulème as a starting point...any other ideas???


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    > Couldn't something sci-fi conceivably be noir?

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