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Date: 25 Jul 2008

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    > This is from IMDB's 'V for Vendetta' entry, under 'trivia'.
    > "The original comic series was originally created by Alan Moore. However,
    > following his negative experience with From Hell (2001) and The League of
    > Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), Moore decided to reject all money and credit
    > from Hollywood on any adaptations of his work. Thus, he gave all the money
    > he would've gotten to the artist who drew the character with him, and
    > rejected his own "created by" credit from the film."
    > Indeed, there's not even a source material credit given to Alan Moore.

    okay. cool. Hollywood has a way of pissing off the people who work in it.
      we all act out in different ways

    John Lau

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