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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 25 Jul 2008

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    I asked a few years ago, I think, about noir novels and corrida...and got few answers...or maybe it was on Rompol??.. (French rara)...there were some mentions of except the inevitable Hemingway and new info to me about Connelly's Black Ice...which I havent' pick up yet...

    Good luck for the feria in Bé a native of Mont-de-Marsan I started going to the feria there very young and the one in Bayonne...etc..etc..and a few years ago parts of the family were at Pamplona, of course...

    Enjoy! Buena feria!


    On 7/25/08 1:16 PM, "jean-pierre jacquet" <> wrote:

    > Cicadas are also chirping in here in CT and I'll join you with a glass
    > of Faugères; and will carry on in Béziers later for the feria.
    > Speaking of ferias, bullfighting can be pretty noir, but I suspect
    > rara-avian listeros would have little time for it, so I'll stop right
    > here.
    > jean-pierre jacquet
    > On Jul 25, 2008, at 10:18 AM, Steve Novak wrote:
    >> Cicadas just started chirping in southeast Michigan yesterday for
    >> the first
    >> time this year after a lot of wet weather...thank god for the
    >> wonderful
    >> chirping...which brings us here close to Costa-Rica and southwestern
    >> France...
    >> I‚ll drink to that,
    >> ...a noir syrah of course...
    >> Montois

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