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Date: 25 Jul 2008

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    A few filmic examples:

    Michael Mann's Manhunter, based on Thomas Harris's Red Dragon. The psychology of Will Graham grows perilously close to that of Hannibal Lecter.

    William Friedkin's Cruising. A very underrated movie, not at all homophobic as frequently asserted (and I'm a gay man making that observation). Hard to discuss without giving too much away.

    Alan Parker's Angel Heart, based on William Hjortsberg's Falling Angel. Again, hard to discuss without a major reveal.


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    > All of this talk about whether or not Batman is just a psycho who has
    > managed to channel his bad behavior towards good ends (and even have it
    > sanctioned, unlike Dexter), got me thinking about one of my favorite
    > themes: the blurred line between the crime fighter and the criminal he's
    > after. Given that, I'm blanking on examples. I'm talking about things
    > like the Eastwood movie, Tightrope, where the viewer sometimes has
    > trouble seeing much difference between the cop and the criminal, maybe
    > Internal Affairs (with Garcia and Gere), where the bad guy manges to
    > make the good guy dirty himself. Are there book equivalents? By the
    > way, I'm not talking about stuff like Derek Ramond's Factory series;
    > yes, the cop is twisted, haunted, but there's never a sense he is not
    > for good.
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