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From: Sean Shapiro (
Date: 25 Jul 2008

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    Has anyone read JG Ballard's 'Cocaine Nights' or 'Running Wild'? Would anyone care to suggest that they qualify as noir?

    (In his autobiography he mentions that he watched a hell of a lot of film noirs in his twenties. He also has a great quote about film noir being the essence of the 20th century condition or something ... but I'll have to dig that up sometime. Probably have it completely wrong in my mind.)

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    Mario wrote:

    "it is easy to say when something is _not_ noir, just like you can tell immediately if something is _not_ jazz..."

    I like this comparison, as jazz is not defined by the song being played, but by the way it is played, which explains why it was often, at least early on, used as a verb to describe a musicians treatment of a song that ws being jazzed (actually, initially, it was jassed). So hen a story is "noired," it is as much presentation/ treatment of the story as the story itself.




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