Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Super Heroes, Comics, and Noir

Date: 25 Jul 2008

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    Mark responded to my nitpicking with:

    "Comics are a story telling medium, in the same way that movies are a story telling medium and books are a story telling medium. Some stories may work better in certain medium, but essentially, there's nothing sub-par nor stunted about comics, only the stories that they usually tell.
    "Will that work?"

    Yup, works for me. I think anyone conversant with all three media can think of examples of each that could not be done as effectively in either of the other media.

    Or, to put it another way, this is why good adaptations are rarely equivalents. Changes have to be made in order to accomodate the transition. I'm not talking about faithfulness to the source material here, but faithfulness to the medium. For example, Robert Stone tried to adapt his Dog Soldiers to the screen. However, he finally admitted to himself that he could not give up any of his novel, even though he knew he needed to to make it filmable. Finally, he handed the project over to another screenwriter. He was quite happy with the finished script, felt it was faithful to his book even though it had been seriously streamlined.


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