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Date: 24 Jul 2008

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    BM wants to save his parents ... over and over again.

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    > Sean, thanks.
    > With The Dark Knight, I don't Batman is necessarily giving into his
    > baser instincts by acting as a vigilante. It may be the wrong choice,
    > but he feels he's doing what he has to because no one else can deal
    > with crime in this corrupt, mob-overrun Gotham, and in fact has the
    > police commissioner' s complicity in this. But the beauty of this movie
    > is the textures of it. Batman by fighting crime outside the law ends
    > up opening the floodgates to chaos in the form of the Joker, and then
    > has the opportunity to close these gates by unmasking himself and
    > giving himself in.

    What I've always wondered is this: what does Batman want? I don't see an obvious answer.





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