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Date: 24 Jul 2008

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    To me the reader he's a hero.

    But if he existed in the 'real world' I'd be very suspicious of him--as I am of vigilantes in general.

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    > I like your definition of noir -- it's what gives your books their
    > Dressing up like an animal so you can get your rocks off beating
    criminals up is not exactly resisting your baser instincts. Especially when it gets a sidekick crippled and another killed.

    It depends on whether you believe in heroes. If you absolutely don't, then Batman takes on an entirely different meaning, I think, as do most westerns and quite a few PI stories. But can someone who disbelieves in heroes be a fan of Batman? Well, for one thing the guy is _different_, he does not follow convention. That's an attraction for me, anyway. That, and deconstructing the ideology behind the exploits. Dick Tracy is a very good one for that, too.





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