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Date: 22 Jul 2008

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    > Take the most excessive scene, the "Stuck in the Middle" scene.
    > Definitely excessive (although we're actually just looing at a doorway
    > for much of it), definitely disturbing.  Mr White is one sadistic fuck,
    > but is Tarantino glorifying this violence?  I sense that you would say
    > he is.  Why?  Because of the excessiveness of the display of violence?
    > Do you see Tarantino as reveling in the sadism and revealing his own in
    > wanting to make audiences squirm?  Again, I'm not trying to be a
    > smartass.  I'm really curious how you define glorification.  What
    > distinguishes excessive and glorified, if anything?  Are they simply
    > synonyms or are they separate, though overlapping, concepts?

    I personally feel that more conventional action films, particularly of the past decade that had actors like Stallone, Schwartzeneggar, Norris or Segal glorified violence more the way they set up cartoonish villains for the explicit purpose of blowing them away, thereby giving their audience the vicarious thrill

    Tarantino on the other hand, is a stylish poseur, trying to be cool, who is talented enough to actually succeed

    Scorsese is an artist, making a point about violent characters

    John Lau

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