RARA-AVIS: Newsstand adventures: Gorman i/vs Reasoner on MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE...

From: foxbrick (foxbrick@yahoo.com)
Date: 21 Jul 2008

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    Picked up the new BUFFY comic for Alice the soon to be former housemate, as the most leisurely residence move I've ever made continues (100 degree days, occasionally Celsius, encourage leisurely transport and box hauling up the stairs), and in the Meet the Dark Horse Comics folks page, a photo and squib of Mark Finn is on offer, in this month's HELLBOY comic (assuming there is such this month) and such as well, I'd suspect. (I believe he's working with them on their CONAN magazine).

    Also, the new MYSTERY SCENE features, among much else such as the Lawrence Block interview-piece by Kevin Burton Smith, a short but informative interview about James Reasoner's career with MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE, and its editors and a little of the pre-Reasoner history, as conducted by Ed Gorman, founder and original proprietor of MYSTERY SCENE.

    Todd Mason

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