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Date: 21 Jul 2008

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    > Is it the classic crime novels that Double Indemnity and Postman are?
    > No. But it's still a solid hardboiled crime novel that's on par with
    > his second-tier novels like The Butterfly, Serenade and Sinful Woman,
    > and it's at least as good as most Elmore Leonard novels that I've read
    > (and I like Leonard having read quite a few of his earlier crime
    > novels). Btw. the Ron Miller review you pointed to was favorable
    > towards the book, and in my opinion, a fair review--it's chief
    > complaint, that it's not the crime incon that Double Indemnity and
    > Postman are. Here's another review for it:
    > Btw. Bogart did a radio broadcast of Love's Lovely Counterfeit for
    > Suspense which was really quite good---I heard it years ago on an
    > old-time radio show.

    Thanks, Dave. I am almost tempted to reread it... it hit me really wrong back when. By the way, I think The Butterfly is a neat short novel, also a repellent one because of the theme, but worthwhile. Sinful Woman rings no bells; I don't think I have read it.



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