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Date: 19 Jul 2008

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    > I saw that one too. How are the books as compared to the
    > movies? I've been a little hesitant to read the books
    > where I've already seen the movies.

    That's funny, usually it's better to see the movie first. If the plots are basically the same, unlike To Have and Have Not, for example, and you really liked the book, the movie is bound to have left out a lot you liked while reading the book after seeing the moving fills in details and has some character development the movie couldn't include.

    I remember I made sure to read Connoly's BLOOD WORK because I knew the movie was coming out and was disappointed by the movie. A movie critic I knew told me it was always that way. While I don't completely agree with that blanket statement, I think it's basically correct.

    BTW, I read KILLSHOT recently while on my recent Leonard jag, and I think and it could be better as a movie because it has a pretty simple plot and few important characters. Of course, could be doesn't mean it will. Mark


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