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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 14 Jul 2008

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    Great info...Thanks and many mercišs (itšs Bastille day after all)

    Found this website:

    ...with this mention:

    The "Tuesday Weld" section of your local pop record store has expanded to include a rock-and-roll band from Austin, Texas. Lead singer Kevin Brannan was kind enough to send me a copy of "Tuesday Weld"'s eight song CD, Sting of the Pimp Slap. Note the appropriately misogynous title: it's the attention to little details that'll take these boys far. The nice young male speedy poppy punky sound seems much what a 1996 Dobie Gillis would've made in his garage with a baseball-capped and earringed Maynard G. Krebs.

    ...and there is also an English band called The Real Tuesday Weld who are today at the Someday Lounge in Portland...

    Montois...going to behead a a client meeting...

    On 7/14/08 12:19 PM, "Dick Lochte" <> wrote:

    > All this talk about Tuesday Weld rekindled a 38-year-old memory of spending
    > the afternoon with her. I was assigned an interview in conjunction with the
    > about-to-be-released movie A Safe Place. The location was her suite at the
    > Chateau Marmont, the historically noir Hollywood hotel where John Belushi
    > gave it up. I was in the lobby, watching Christopher Walken talk with a guy
    > who may have been his agent, when she rushed in, late. Looking great, of
    > course. Heading up in a very tiny elevator, I noticed that an ad for the
    > movie depicting her and Orson Welles, had been pasted on the door and that
    > somebody had used a knife to cut out her eyes. When I pointed that out, she
    > smiled and shook her head in a people-are-so-silly gesture. Her sitting room
    > was filled with empty pizza boxes and open cans of diet cola and full
    > ashtrays. She invited me to sit. Then, ever the hostess, asked if I wanted a
    > cola. When I said yes, she picked up an almost empty glass from the coffee
    > table and began filling it with the dregs from the open cans. For the next
    > couple of hours, while that glass remained untouched much to her amusement,
    > we talked of many things. As I recall, she said she knew Elvis. And Raymond
    > Burr was an old friend. But there was no mention of Mick or the Stones or
    > Ruby Tuesday. And, had there been a connection, I think it would have come
    > up.
    > Dick Lochte

    Steve Novak

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