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From: sonny (
Date: 13 Jul 2008

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    jeff, i'd be interested in where you got the info that the song is about weld. i happened to be reading about the song not long ago and heard various versions of who wrote it and who it was about, none of which mentioned weld (who, i also love, btw, and consider terribly underrated as an actress)

    mick jagger says he wrote neither the words nor music, tho likes it a lott. richards has said he wrote it, possibly about a groupie or girlfriend. obviously his memory could be gone or he could be hiding the fact that it's about weld.

    last but not least, marianne faithfull says brian jones wrote it or most of it and keith only added a bit to it. but i don't thing brian jones ever wrote a song or any other song, if he wrote this one.

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