RARA-AVIS: Re: Mario's "circumstances"

From: jacquesdebierue (jacquesdebierue@yahoo.com)
Date: 12 Jul 2008

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    > Mario,
    > You under house arrest? Or on the run and only had time to grab a
    > handful of books, in that classic Desert Island scenario? You chose
    > well, vintage Leonard and Chandler. Need us to airdrop you some books?
    > We'll have to set up a dead drop so the authorities won't catch you.

    No, just on vacation. I thought I had a bunch of hardboiled stuff at my summer place, so I didn't take any... and it turned out I didn't have those books here. In fact, what I have are mainly additions that various guests have left over the years... a lot of horrid stuff, novels about academics and people rediscovering their inner selves and such. The Chandler was a lifeline that my younger son threw me. He also brought Puzo's _The Last Don_, which I'll tuck into next. I remember that one as a great read.

    As an aside: for quite a while, the sight of bookshelves with familiar books has been repelling me. I now function much better when books are not in sight. For the longest time I used to stare at certain books on the shelves and yet never pick them up. It's much better to pick something out of a box, there is less visual prejudice. There must be a name for this sort of visual rejection, nowadays there is a name for everything. To judge from everything that is considered a named problem, it's a miracle that the human race has lasted this long. If you listen to the experts and add it all together, it looks like we are all fucked up all the time in some way or another. End of rant.



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