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From: Kevin Burton Smith (kvnsmith@sbcglobal.net)
Date: 12 Jul 2008

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    Kerry wrote:

    > Saul Rubinek, who was relatively young at the time. I suspect he'd
    > catch more of Cooperman's shrewdness now. Or perhaps the CBC would
    > produce a script that allowed him to.

    Yep. I never quite bought Rubinek as Benny then, although the movies, as I recall, were quite entertaining. There was just something a little too lean and youthful and not-quite-schlubby enough about him then. I too think he'd be just about right now.

    But wasn't it also Rubinek who did Benny in a couple of radio adaptations as well for the CBC as well quite early on? As I recall, without the visuals, Rubinek was just about perfect.

    > Grantham is a border town, close to Niagara Falls, so there is ample
    > opportunity for carrying on. I too think Engel catches the smugness
    > of Ontarians, which glosses more than enough mayhem for a series of
    > crime novels.

    Maybe Benny could team up with that John Swan guy outta Hamilton and really do the dark side of Southern Ontario right. Although "team up" might not be quite the word to use, since Benny is definitely on the side of the angels and Swan, well, he's definitely playing for another team, of which he's usually the only member.

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