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From: Steve Novak (Cinefrog@comcast.net)
Date: 10 Jul 2008

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    A wonderful book, and a superb film...and, for those to whom it matters...a quite faithfull film rendition of the book...even a reading of the film script itself helps understand the connections/the borrowings/the transgressions/the additions...all that makes a film script from an original story...I have not read the very shooting script itself (the one they used on the set itself...usually different from the film script done by the writer...different since it incorporates all the changes brought up by actors themselves after rehearsals, changes brought by locations discoveries, changes brought up by directorıs input as he advances in his prep/scouting/rehearsals, changes brought by the editorıs ideas during prep, changes brought by nasty producers cutting the budget....all that stuff!!!....)...maybe one of you keen and mighty (and very well connected) Rara-Avians has a copy of that all essential Œshooting scriptı stached away???...I would love to read that!...because that is the script to read...the only one that really tells you Œhowı the job was done, Œifı the job was done...etc....


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    > Has anyone mentioned THEY SHOOT HORSES DON'T THEY by
    > Horace McCoy? That one also relates to the recent
    > posts on chapters with its device of heading sections
    > with segments of the judge's sentencing of the
    > protagonist.
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    > wrote:
    >> > Also I'd throw in I WAKE UP SCREAMING by Steve
    >> > Fisher
    >> >
    >> > - Christa

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