RARA-AVIS: RE: French graphic novel - Savage Night (2)

From: E. Borgers (webeurop@yahoo.fr)
Date: 04 Jul 2008

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    In my website, POLAR NOIR, I could not reproduce too many images or pages of the Rivages/Casterman/Noir adaptations to graphic novels, due to volume limitation by Geocities.
    (Casterman is a famous Belgian comics publisher-with a subsidiary in France ; still very active; this old publishing house became even a comics avant-garde publisher during the 80’s, for part of his production, with the collaboration of French and Belgian artists).
      If you like to have a better idea of the drawings and graphic page styles of the graphic adaptations we spoke about, you may consult a Lycos site that gives you, in reasonably big sizes, the covers and a few pages of each album. It’s at : http://www.bd.lycos.fr/galerie-photo/rivages-noir-1420 And the collection is shown as a slide show (see corresponding commands at he bottom of the first cover (Savage Night- “Nuit de fureur”, Thompson). There’s also: On the Waterfront (Schulberg)- Hot rocks ( Westlake )- Pauvres Zhéros (=Poor Zheroes, by Pierre Pelot) Clicking on any image (cover or drawings page) will enlarge and isolate it for a better reading.
      Warning: if helpful, a few pages do not give you the full scope of the stories told in more than 80 graphic pages…
      Hope this will help.
      E. Borgers POLAR  NOIR http://www.geocities.com/polarnoir

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