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Date: 05 Jul 2008

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    Its interesting that the Shell Scott books should come up on the list now. A couple of weeks ago, on little more than a whim, I picked up THE SHELL SCOTT SAMPLER as an introduction to this series. This collection of Shell Scott short stories includes THE GUILTY PARTY, THE LIVE ONES, THE DA VINCI AFFAIR, THE BAWDY BEAUTIFUL and THE CAUTIOUS KILLERS.

    This thread has piqued my curiosity; are these short stories much like Prather's full length novels? If not, how do they differ?

    Thanks! Harry

    Quoting James Reasoner <>:

    > STRIP FOR MURDER has the funniest scene in the whole Shell Scott
    > series, as far as I'm concerned. Those who have read it probably
    > know which scene I'm talking about.
    > James Reasoner

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