RARA-AVIS: Fw: Lawrence Block's 4th of July Newsletter

From: Joseph Trifun (asbdata@yahoo.com)
Date: 05 Jul 2008

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    Hello All !
      Mr Block sent me this email !
      Please see if you like it !!
      Joseph Trifun

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    Scary lookin' guy, isn't he?  If you're a Mystery Scene subscriber, he'll be turning up in your mailbox any day now.  (If not, well, the magazine shouldn't be too hard to locate.  The better magazine retailers have it, and so do mystery specialty bookstores.  Or click on  Mystery Scene Magazine and there you go.)  Ichiro Okada's photos are there to illustrate a really good piece by Kevin Burton Smith, and I'd say both men did great work, esp. when you consider what they had to work with.

    Many of you were kind enough to say nice things about my appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  This was my fourth time, and it was a lot of fun; a small part of Craig's genius is his ability to make his guests look good.  Now, through the miracle of YouTube, those of you who were asleep when it aired can snooze through it on your home computer screens.  (I'll tell you, everything winds up on YouTube.  It makes a person think twice before peeing in the elevator.)  But see for yourself:  YouTube - Lawrence Block on Craig Ferguson June 24/08

    The big news here is Hit & Run, which is selling nicely and getting some very generous reviews.  I'm not going to quote them here, but that's laziness operating, not modesty.  (What I will do is give you a link to Tom Callahan's particularly gratifying online review at Bookreporter.com ) 

    But why take any reviewer's word for it, even Tom Callahan's?  Maybe he's my cousin.  Maybe I bribed him.  Pick up your own copy from a local or online bookseller and decide for yourself.

    If you've already ordered the Philatelic Edition, you've probably received your book---they all shipped on June 24, publication day---although the Post Office does not always have the precision of a fine Swiss timepiece, so your copy may not reach you for another week or more.  As you may have noted, each copy of the Philatelic Edition is accompanied by a note explaining that the book is no longer available.  We did that to avoid getting swamped---but as it turns out we do still have a small number on hand.  It's hard to guess how long they'll last, but as soon as we sell out, we'll stop accepting orders on the web.  So if you can find the book for sale on our site, that means we can still fill your order.

    Some of you have inquired about the limitation.  Our numbered copies run from 1 to 700.  We'll also have 100 author's presentation copies, essentially identical to the numbered copies except that they're designated A/C 1 through A/C 100.  Most of those are earmarked for friends, family, and folks at HarperCollins, but if we have some left we may offer them for sale later on.

    Aside from my quick trip to LA for the Late Late Show, I'm not touring for HIT & RUN.  I do have a few area appearances coming up the middle of this month  One's at 7:30 pm Tuesday, July 15, at the public library in Westport , Connecticut , the other at 7 pm the following evening (Wednesday July 16) at Partners & Crime mystery bookstore at 44 Greenwich Avenue in New York .  And come Friday, July 18, I'll be in my old hometown of Buffalo , New York , for the Buffalo Book Fair, where I think they're giving me some sort of award, though I can't imagine why, or what for.  Hope to see some of you at one or another of these events.

    Come mid-August, I'll be the featured speaker at the Tiffany dinner of the American Philatelic Society, in Hartford CT.   I suppose I'll talk about Keller's stamp collection, as it's rather more advanced than my own.  And then I'm out of here---for two weeks in Paris , and a ten-day Adriatic cruise, calling at ports in Slovenia , Croatia , Montenegro and Albania .  We'll be back in plenty of time for Bouchercon; it's in Baltimore this year, and again they're giving me some sort of award, and again I'm hard put to tell you why.  Some kind of Life Achievement award, I believe; my title is something along the lines of Very Old Guest of Honor, and it's further proof that my future is largely in the past.

    The bookstore will be closed from mid-August to mid-September, so if there's anything you want, get your order in.  David has asked me to remind you that we're continuing to offer the set of three philatelically-enhanced Keller paperbacks, that he's added some interesting new items to the For The Collector section, and that he can supply $5 reading copies of all books in the Scudder, Tanner, and Burglar series, and others as yet unlisted. 

    So now you know.  The Glorious Fourth will have come and gone by the time this gets out---my fault, I've been dawdling---but have a Glorious Rest-of-July.


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