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Date: 04 Jul 2008

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    I fear we will get very quickly into a line of discussion that at Rompol we have visited many times before: it is important that a graphic novel or a film be ³faithful² to the book (or the reverse for that matter)...many among us will say judge it on what it is and not on other criteria...does it ever matter that it is Œfaithful¹ or not...should it ever matter...

    I leave it at that but I want to thank here JP for mentioning it and the excellent link in Spanish from Gonzalo Baeza...very interesting indeed beyond the cover of La Nuit de Fureur...

    JP did you get it Œneuf¹ or Œd¹occase¹ chez Amazon-Fr??? ...It sounds very good and I want to get it...


    I find it very unappealing when someone either by buying rights or stealing rights declares another piece of media is drawn from a very popular or good source, then goes on to tell whatever story they want hoping to attract the audience of the original. How can such media purveyors hope to succeed? The only people they can possibly please are people who don't care in the least about the original concept. In that case, why not come up with an original idea? They've got one. They only want to hang a title on their work that they think will sell tickets. It will also garner bad reviews from reviewers hoping for something other than they have to offer. To my mind, it's unscrupulous, it's inept, it's stupid. If a work doesn't move you to the extent you want to make it further live and breath, go on to something that does. Or better still, develop something of your own.

    Patrick King


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