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Date: 02 Jul 2008

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    I don't think anyone's arguing against chapters, Capn. Unless I've missed a post somewhere. I love them, personally. The more the merrier. Postcard style.


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    > I'm a big advocate of chapters. Ever try to read Moll Flanders? One long
    > slog, IMO. Chapters leave handy places to stop reading, break up the
    > narrative into cohesive sections, and help create reference points as one
    > Avian pointed out. I've read books with 12 chapters and equally-long books
    > with 50 chapters. I've read chapters of 50 words or less, and some that
    > were as sprawling as Texas. Each worked for me in the context of the
    > novel. If someone wants to get cute and literary and eschew chapters (as
    > well as punctuation, capitals, paragraphs, etc.), be my guest. I won't
    > read it.

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