Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Disturbing Novels

Date: 01 Jul 2008

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    Eric asked:

    "It was remade in 1994, directed by Roger Donaldson (Peckinpah directed the McQueen version) and starring Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. Anybody seen both and would like to give us a critique?"

    I'm pretty sure they were both made from the same Walter Hill screenplay, so they're very similar. As has been mentioned the Peckinpah version is a bit grittier. And wasn't McQueen and McGraw's marriage dissolving the time, amping the tension between them on the screen?

    I fully expected to hate the second version, but ended up liking it as well, while still preferring the original. Neither ends in El Rey, though, which is the great capper on the book.


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