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From: gogomasterj (funkmasterj@runbox.com)
Date: 01 Jul 2008

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    > > But are they hard-boiled or noir?
    > All the ones I've mentioned are hardboiled. Some are edgier than
    others. Barbara Seranella, of course, had a very tough protag--a drug addicted female auto mechanic who once hung out with motorcycle gangs. I've only read HOW LIKE AN ANGEL by Margaret Millar. She had a male protag named Quinn in that one--a traditional hardboiled PI. The ending is downbeat, as I recall, and the story twists like a pretzel, right up to the last line.
    > Certainly, none of these women would be mistaken for cozy writers.
    > Debbi
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    Debbi, thanks for the recommendation. I just finished reading How Like an Angel and enjoyed it. I didn't really find the ending that downbeat for a hardboiled book.


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