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Date: 30 Jun 2008

Well, this is certainly a tricky area to make sweeping generalities in. Through the entire pulp era, science fiction was the poor cousin of popular fiction genres. It used to be argued that once we get to the moon, no one would want to read it any more. There were people in the sf field who said that. Yet the rise of technology has spurred sf to the forefront of genre fiction, where it's been for some time now.

When I was growing up, the major genres seem to have been historical fiction and westerns. Historicals especially seemed to show up regularly on the best seller lists. Now historicals are never published as such but always as just fiction. Even Bernard Cornwall's various series are treated not as historicals but as adventure series. There are still westerns but they don't seem to thrive like they once did, and many book stores no longer carry western sections.

The other big genres were romance, sports and detective/mystery. Romance and detective novels are still around and as healthy as ever. Sports as a genre seems confined to Young Adult fiction.

But I think the point of all this is that while fashions in genre fiction have changed, genre fiction itself is still around.


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  Also revealing is the idea that genre fiction equals disposable
  books... tell that to the collectors who are looking to complete their
  Woolrich collections... Also, these idiots, and I use the word
  advisedly, don't understand that all fiction is genre fiction. That
  some people like to rank genres is completely beside the point: what
  has more weight, history or the opinion of some talking head? I vote
  for history.




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