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Date: 30 Jun 2008

I recently read "Nothing More Than Murder", about my 4th Thompson and I think the most disturbing of the ones I've read -- certainly more so than
"After Dark My Sweet" or "The Grifters", as far as I'm concerned. The narrator is quite a piece of work.

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> I had never realized I have a touch of claustrophobia until I read this
> book, the scene where Carol hides in the little underwater cave and gets
> caught when she tries to sit up. I read the book over a decade ago,
> close to two, and that scene still pops into my mind and gives me
> shivers.
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> I don't know how I missed this book up to now. I'm a great Thompson fan, my
> previous favorites being AFTER DARK, MY SWEET, POP. 1280, and RECOIL. THE
> KILLER INSIDE ME, and THE GRIFTERS go almost without saying. It's
> interesting how he switches his three main types of personalities into
> dominant and submissive roles to make new story situations. The similarity
> between Doc McCoy, Uncle Bud, and Doc Luther in THE GETAWAY, AFTER DARK, MY
> SWEET, & RECOIL in that order, is obvious, but McCoy is a criminal
> mastermind, Uncle Bud is a self-deluded idiot, and Luther uses his
> affability to mask his sexual insecurity. Yet all three men have the gift of
> charisma. The way it effects their lives is the major difference in the
> three stories.
> What a fabulous writer.
> Patrick King

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