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Date: 30 Jun 2008

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I had never realized I have a touch of claustrophobia until I read this book, the scene where Carol hides in the little underwater cave and gets caught when she tries to sit up. I read the book over a decade ago, close to two, and that scene still pops into my mind and gives me shivers.


I don't know how I missed this book up to now. I'm a great Thompson fan, my previous favorites being AFTER DARK, MY SWEET, POP. 1280, and RECOIL. THE KILLER INSIDE ME, and THE GRIFTERS go almost without saying. It's interesting how he switches his three main types of personalities into dominant and submissive roles to make new story situations. The similarity between Doc McCoy, Uncle Bud, and Doc Luther in THE GETAWAY, AFTER DARK, MY SWEET, & RECOIL in that order, is obvious, but McCoy is a criminal mastermind, Uncle Bud is a self-deluded idiot, and Luther uses his affability to mask his sexual insecurity. Yet all three men have the gift of charisma. The way it effects their lives is the major difference in the three stories.

What a fabulous writer.

Patrick King


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