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From: Stephen Burridge (
Date: 30 Jun 2008

My views on the movie aren't as decided as yours. I watched it once a few months ago and was quite impressed. I'll probably see it again.

Having said that, I'll note that I don't agree with all of what you say. Monroe doesn't, as I recall, have nothing to do. She's convincing as the beautiful little sister. Not a fully developed character, perhaps, and Monroe may bring an excess of star power to the role, but it's not a bit part. I also think that Paul Douglas, while perhaps miscast as a fishing captain, is a strong presence whose relationship with Ryan works pretty well. And of course his character is supposed to be dominated by Ryan's.


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> wrote:
> "Clash By Night", in which Monroe also has a substantial supporting role,
> is
> a very interesting movie with noir elements, at least.
> **********************************************************
> Monroe is wasted in CLASH BY NIGHT. Interesting and beautiful actress with
> nothing to do. Paul Douglas is desperately miscast against Robert Ryan who
> towers over him. Their fist fight looks like something staged for the Marx
> Brothers. It's a dark, thought provoking script and Stanwyck is perfectly
> cast. I think the script should be re-made with someone like Virginia Madsen
> in the Stanwyck role. It was not a notable role for Marlyn Monroe. She
> always stood out like a sore thumb in those cameos. You can't put someone
> who lights up a camera the way she does in a secondary position without
> hurting everyone else in the film.
> Patrick King

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