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Date: 29 Jun 2008

One of the most famous cases is E.R. Johnson. He was  jailed during the sixties, serving a long sentence for murder and hold-up, when he started to write crime novels. He made pretty interesting HB novels, all rather pessimistic to noir, which still deserve to be read today (especially: Cage Five Is Going to Break -1970) He was freed in 1992.
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I am in the middle of writing an article about a 1930s crime writer who ended up in court because he rewrote another author's book without permission. This has made me wonder about crime writers whose lives could have been a plot for one of their books - that is, are there any crime writers who were either the victims of serious crime - murder etc, or ended up in court accused of such a crime? Can anyone think of anyone?

BY the way, Dane Hartman. The other author was a Leslie Alan Horvitz, although there seem to be two or three titles - 'Massacre at Russian River' is one - where the author is not definitely known. Have no idea if these were by Horvitz or Meyers, or even a third author.

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