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From: Stephen Burridge (
Date: 30 Jun 2008

"Clash By Night", in which Monroe also has a substantial supporting role, is a very interesting movie with noir elements, at least.

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 2:21 AM, JIM DOHERTY <> wrote:

> Patrick,
> Re your comment below:
> "I don't like the film that much, Kevin. I just prefer Marilyn's debut to
> Lauren Bacall's. That was my original point. I also get a kick out of
> watching you take yourself seriously."
> Not counting some mostly uncredited walk-on roles, MM made her debut, in
> leading role, in 1948, in a romantic comedy called LADIES OF THE CHORUS.
> And before BUS STOP, she'd played lead or semi-lead parts in THERE'S NO
> And that's to say nothing of fairly substantial supporting roles in movies
> like THE ASPHALT JUNGLE (which, I hasten to add, actually has something to
> do with the subject of this list), MONKEY BUSINESS, LOVE HAPPY, ALL ABOUT
> EVE, and DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK (which also has something to do with the
> subject of this list).
> By BUS STOP, she was already an established star. Maybe not yet a
> super-star, but certainly a box office draw, and an experienced screen
> performer. On what possible basis can you call BUS STOP a "debut,"
> comparable to Babie's first screen acting job in TH&HN?
> And as for Kevin's taking himself to seriously, check and see what material
> the house you now occupy is made of. I'm guessing it's clear and brittle.

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