Re: RARA-AVIS: Disturbing Novels

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Date: 30 Jun 2008

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> Mario,
> Is Word Made Flesh the first novel of O'Connell's you read? Wow,
> they're all dark, but that's by far the darkest. I recently picked up a
> used copy of the first, Box Nine, to introduce a friend to the series.
> He became intrigued when I rambled on about it one day, and he doesn't
> usually read crime fiction, doesn't read much fiction of any kind.

Actually, I had read about a third of Box Nine, but the reading was aborted by a trip and I never finished it. The reason I didn't pick it up again is that right after the return trip I got ahold of Michael Pollan's _The Omnivore's Dilemma_, which absorbed me quite a bit. A disturbing nonfiction book... about the corn economy, meat and what we eat. Very disturbing. If Mel Brooks ever gets around to writing a musical on this subject, the song "Cornholed by Corn" will be as big a hit as "Springtime for Hitler". Anyway, I'm donating the idea.

> And thanks for pointing out the short story. I didn't know he had any.
> I'll have to check it out.

I just looked it up in the shelves. It's in the 2004 edition of Best American Mystery Stories (edited by Nelson DeMille). The story is _The Swag at Doc Hawthorne's_. By the way, that volume also has fine stories by raravians Dich Lochte and Rob Kantner.



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