Re: RARA-AVIS: Crime writer's crimes?

Date: 29 Jun 2008

John wrote:

"This has made me wonder about crime writers whose lives could have been a plot for one of their books - that is, are there any crime writers who were either the victims of serious crime - murder etc, or ended up in court accused of such a crime? Can anyone think of anyone?"

As victim, James Ellroy is an obvious one, for his mother's murder.

Lots of writers who did time. Leaving aside those who wrote memoirs
(like Willie Sutton's Where the Money Is, etc), there's still Caryl Chessman (wrote memoir and fiction), who inspired Edward Bunker. Chester Himes started writing in prison. Nathan Heard. Iceberg Slim. JJ Maloney. E Richard Johnson. Wasn't Malcolm Braly a convict?


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