Re: RARA-AVIS: What Reading does to your Mind

Date: 28 Jun 2008

  Hi all,
  Some of you know that apart from an obsessive reader [that's why i love being in 4-MA as I feel I am among friends] - but do you get strange looks at dinner-parties when you talk about about books? I do, so it was with great comfort to read in New Scientist this week about what reading a lot of fiction does to the readers mind, compared to the non-reader or the reader of non-fiction.
  I wrote about it at January Magazine - and did the test and yes, when my wife tried, she realised that I had been right all the time, I am a much better judge of character, read signals faster and more accuratly than her [as she reads very little] anyway -
  Try the test for yourself and try it with a non-fiction reader


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