RARA-AVIS: Re: Bus Stop

From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 27 Jun 2008

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> > It seems as though BUS STOP is being touted as Marilyn Monroe's
> movie. It was released in 1956, her film debut was in 1947.
> >
> > **************************************************
> > BUS STOP was Marilyn's first starring role. All the others were
> parts.
> >
> This is way off topic, but at least get your facts right. She
> appear in a bit part Seven Year Itch, River of No Return, How To
> a Millionare, or Gentleman Prefer Blondes.
> Bus Stop was one of her last movies.
> Mark

Yes, that is a helluva bundle of "bit" parts for Marilyn as she warmed up for her star debut in "Bus Stop." Mark, you are right that this is off-topic, not to mention a bit silly. The next thing you know we'll be singing show tunes.

Richard Moore

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