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Date: 27 Jun 2008

Dave, I was very excited (and, frankly, a bit surprised, since crime fiction isn't their typical material) to see that CD Publications is scheduled to do an anthology of many of these stories. Congratulations -- and I hope the wait will be a short one.

Ron C.

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> As Ron pointed out the archives for Hardluck will be maintained until
> October, and anyone looking through it will find originally published
> noir and hardboiled short fiction from a pretty remarkable group of
> writers, including Ed Gorman (Ed's "Beauty" is one of my favorite
> modern stories, period), Jeremiah Healy, Ken Bruen, Bill Crider,
> Bentley Little, James Reasoner, Adrian McKinty, Steve Hockensmith,
> Norman Partridge, Jon Breen, Manuel Ramos and Robert Walker, as well
> as some extraordinarily talented newer writers that people here may
> not have heard of, but include Iain Rowan (whose story "One Step
> Closer" is brilliant), Harry Shannon, Garnett Elliott, Craig McDonald,
> Mike MacLean, T. L. Wolf, William Boyle and Pearce Hansen. And as I
> probably say more times than Al likes to hear, Hardluck also has in
> its archives Allan Guthrie's first published work. The thing with
> Hardluck was there was never any compromise, we only picked stories if
> we felt strongly about them--and didn't care how many stories we had
> for an issue--as long as we didn't pick too many and overtax our
> illustrator), so there's no filler in the archives. If you like dark
> short crime fiction that tends towards more strongly plotted than
> what's being typically published, you should check out the current
> issue and the archives while they're still around.
> --Dave
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