RARA-AVIS: Hardluck's archives

From: Dave Zeltserman ( davezelt@rcn.com)
Date: 27 Jun 2008

As Ron pointed out the archives for Hardluck will be maintained until October, and anyone looking through it will find originally published noir and hardboiled short fiction from a pretty remarkable group of writers, including Ed Gorman (Ed's "Beauty" is one of my favorite modern stories, period), Jeremiah Healy, Ken Bruen, Bill Crider, Bentley Little, James Reasoner, Adrian McKinty, Steve Hockensmith, Norman Partridge, Jon Breen, Manuel Ramos and Robert Walker, as well as some extraordinarily talented newer writers that people here may not have heard of, but include Iain Rowan (whose story "One Step Closer" is brilliant), Harry Shannon, Garnett Elliott, Craig McDonald, Mike MacLean, T. L. Wolf, William Boyle and Pearce Hansen. And as I probably say more times than Al likes to hear, Hardluck also has in its archives Allan Guthrie's first published work. The thing with Hardluck was there was never any compromise, we only picked stories if we felt strongly about them--and didn't care how many stories we had for an issue--as long as we didn't pick too many and overtax our illustrator), so there's no filler in the archives. If you like dark short crime fiction that tends towards more strongly plotted than what's being typically published, you should check out the current issue and the archives while they're still around.



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