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Date: 26 Jun 2008

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> Now, has anyone seen THE BREAKING POINT, a film that might actually
qualify as hard-boiled
> and/or noir?

I saw Garfield's "The Breaking Point" over 40 years ago. I recall that it was a more faithful adaptation of the Hemingway novel than the Howard Hawks version starring Humphrey Bogart. I also recall that I enjoyed the Bogart/Becall version more even though it was less faithful and made less sense than the Garfield. I was, I suppose, a sucker for Bogart, Becall, and the often fine character actor Walter Brennan.

That said, I have no idea what I would think today with a fresh viewing. My tastes have changed through the years. I wish all these old movies were available for comparison. For example, I also have a distinct memory that the 1930s version of "Three Godfathers" starring Chester Morris, Lewis Stone and Walter Brennan was superior in many respects to the John Ford version that came a decade later starring John Wayne. Yet the Ford/Wayne version is the only one I've seen in many years. It has several fine qualities but the Morris/Stone/Brennan version was much more hard boiled and grim. Morris played it much tougher without the softening aspects and humor Wayne conveyed in the Ford version. I wish the earlier version was available for fresh viewing and comparison.

Richard Moore

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