RARA-AVIS: Post-Traumatic stress disorder fb cliche; did it start with Lord Peter Wimsey

From: docsavage80 ( docsavage801@hotmail.com)
Date: 23 Jun 2008


Extensive Vietnam flashbacks. Okay, so Vietnam was to another generation of PI's what WWII was to Hammer. I recognize this. I understand it. I don't even mind the occasional reference to service. But guys, if I wanted to read a friggin' war novel, I'd read a friggin' war novel.

Did the cliche of post-traumatic stress disorder fbs start with Lord Peter Wimsey? He had fbs to WWI.

For Vietnam specifically, Sarge Steel gets named as the first comic book private eye to serve in the Vietnam War in the Fine Art of Murder by Max Allan Collins. Was he the first known fictional private eye in any genre to serve in the Vietnam war?

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