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Date: 23 Jun 2008

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> And has there ever been a male on TV  so alpha as 
> Joe Mannix?

I'm not sure who got shot in the shoulder more, him or Dr. Richard Kimble. you'd think their arms would've fallen off after maybe the 12th time

I remember seeing a Honey West episode as an adult after loving it as a kid.
 I didn't have high expectations after seeing how bad some of the other shows of the era failed to hold up, but was pleasantly SHOCKED at how good it was.
 the show was only a half hour long, so it had a very brisk pace, the b&w photography was cool, likewise the jazzy score. and what a great character, especially as portrayed by Anne Francis. she was one cool, cool kitty

amazing considering what a bad book series it was based on too

John Lau

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