RARA-AVIS: H. C. Huston

From: Sandra Seamans ( sandraseamans@yahoo.com)
Date: 23 Jun 2008

Hi, I'm new here and new to the hardboiled/noir genre, and discovering just how much I have to learn. Anyway, I went to a used book sale this past weekend armed with a list from this group. Thanks, everyone! I found a hardback book entitled "With Murder for Some" by H.C. Huston. What a ride! By the end of the first chapter the protag, who was trying to disappear had witnessed a plane crash - one he was supposed to be on - and held at gun point by two different people. The ending was slightly disappointing, but as I thought about that and several things about the read, I wondered if H.C. was a woman writer using a man's name. The copyright was 1953 by Howard C. Huston and the book was published by The Macmillan Company. I've done a google search and checked a few books I have but can find out nothing about this author. Does anyone here know who he is or is he just one of those authors who's slipped through the cracks?

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