RARA-AVIS: Constructing a character (was: Reading Series in Order?)

From: terry bowman ( foolesgold@gmail.com)
Date: 22 Jun 2008

I also was slavishly devoted to reading series in order, but as I move into more classical hard-boiled/noir I find it less important. Today's masters of the genre seem to be much more dedicated to developing their characters over a long period of time. Burke
(Robicheaux), Connelly (Harry Bosch), Mosley (Easy Rollins), Pelecanos (Derek Strange), and White (Doc Ford) all have evolving characters that lose something when read out of order. Pelecanos' HARD REVOLUTION was a nice jolt away from that as a prequel.

It is something that I'm struggling with in my own trilogy and I'm toying with the idea of releasing them in reverse order and deconstructing my characters instead of constructing. It's an abstract idea, but I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts in this regard.

Terry Bowman
'hoods trilogy (2010?)

btw- is Socrates Fortlow anybody else's favorite noir character?

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