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From: Gerald W Page (
Date: 22 Jun 2008

    I was just getting ready to introduce myself to the group.
    I'm Jerry Page; I've been writing and editing under the name Gerald Page since the 1960s, mostly science fiction and fantasy, but I did appear in Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine toward its end. In the 70s I was the editor for DAW Books of the annual The Year's Best Horror Stories anthologies.
    Most of my fiction is science fiction or fantasy. There's an emphasis on space adventure in Planetary Stories, and cosmic horror at Abberant Dreams.
    I'm a little surprised to discover that very little of my stuff online is hardboiled. In Planetary Stories 6 there's a humorous story that owes a lot to Chandler and company, "Blood on the Armadillo's Snout." In Pulp Spirit, under the name Fran Douglas there's a series of pulp-style detective stories called "The Diamondville Dolls," but it probably owes more to Norbert Davis and Robert Leslie Bellem than Chandler and Hammett. Think "screwboiled," not "hardboiled."
    Both Planetary Stories and Pulp Spirit can be found at (Pulp Spirit was a feature of Planetary Stories for several issues and became a separate webzine at the same site with PlanetaryStories # 10. Planetary Stories # 11 and Pulp Spirit 2 go online July 1.
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  Welcome, Jerry! Good to have you here, your posts on the topic have been
  interesting on the PulpMags list.

  You have lots of stories on-line, for example on Planetary Stories. Would
  you describe any of them hardboiled?



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