Re: RARA-AVIS: Reading Series in Order?

Date: 21 Jun 2008

Mark wrote:

"I also assume that there's no harm in reading Himes' Coffin Ed and Gravedigger Jones out of order."

Plotwise and characterwise, probably not. However, the series definitely evolves as the series goes along, in the sense that Himes's worldview becomes deeper and darker.

I'm with you on its being very worthwhile to read Stark's Parker series in order. I read them out of order the first time, read each as I found it, but after i complted the set, I went back and read them in order. Got a lot more out of them. Besides there being groupings (for instance, the first four or the most recent three), things change in Parker's life (although he doesn't seem to age), and his relationships with various sometimes partners.

James Sallis's Lew Griffin series should most definitely be read in order of publication (which is sometimes very different from the chronology of the events in the books).


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